who am i?

I'm Amanda Sharp, BBCI and Doula. I'm passionate about providing women with education, resources, and information to help them have an amazing pregnancy and birth. I have a beautiful daughter and an amazing husband who I live with in Pleasant Grove, Utah. I serve the birth community throughout all of Utah County and South Salt Lake County.

My introduction to the world of birth choices and education came when I was a teenager. I had been researching ways to naturally improve my health, and my research extended into the realm of midwives, doulas, and childbirth education. As someone who had grown up in a very traditional American household, I didn't even know that there were alternative choices when it came to childbirth, and this information resonated with me deeply. As I grew into adulthood, I continued my research, and soon found myself advocating for maternal education and choices in childbirth. I decided to pursue my Doula training. A few years later I got pregnant with my daughter, and decided to look into childbirth education. After seeking out almost every childbirth education organization out there I decided to train with Birth Boot Camp, because of the beautiful and updated materials, the comprehensive curriculum, and the feeling of community surrounding the company.

what do i do?

I am proud to offer students the Birth Boot Camp curriculum, a comprehensive 10 week program that will leave women and their partners feeling excited about, prepared, and informed for their birth experiences. Knowledge is power, and if you don't know your options, you don't have any. Come learn about pregnancy nutrition, ways to care for yourself and relax during pregnancy and birth, labor positions and support, newborn care, and so much more in a fun, informative group setting. 

I'm also a doula who is proud to work with laboring women. I accept doula clients on a limited basis depending on my availability and teaching schedule, and couples who take my Childbirth Education class get priority as doula clients, as well as a discount. Please contact me to learn more. 


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